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Update for Our Friends

Yes, the latest news is that WOKE: AN EVANGELICAL GUIDE is now out, our first venture into print—plus e-book versions, to be sure. As you can tell by the graphic, it is having the same effects pretty much all of my public utterances have had....

Actually, the very latest news is that just today I have finished recording WOKE for an audio book version. We'll have our audio engineer put the components together into a form available for sale and we'll announce that as soon as it's available—we hope within the next fortnight.

Thanks to Craig Copland for posting the first review of WOKE on Amazon, and please post your own—such reviews really help, whether at Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever—as we quietly sort-of launch this little book into the world. Yes, the extraordinary circumstances of the last couple of months (let the reader understand) have prevented us from publicizing this book as we would have liked to do. We'll give that a shot in a little while.

For now, though, thanks for whatever you can do to let people know about it—and we're keeping the price lower than usual for this first fortnight to encourage readers to get their copies soon. Come February, the price will have to up to the usual rate for such things. So please consider gifting the book now, or getting it for a study group, while the price is optimal.

As for the rest of what we're doing at TBM, I intend to resume writing the promised Signature Series following up on the previous one on the doctrine of Salvation. In this new SigSeries, I'll be outlining the complex ways in which the Trinity is involved in the several aspects of God's salvation plan. (It really isn't merely "the forgiveness of sins" or "asking Jesus into your heart.") And I'll get incidental blog posts out on a regular basis again soon also.

We've been through a tough stretch and the legal machinery has been taking a lot of work to assemble and deploy. We're not finally finished in that respect, either, so we'll have a few more delays before TBM is fully back online. But we will be as soon as we can be. We thank you sincerely for your patient support.

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