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From Twitter…to Facebook…to “Blogging”

An unexpected shift in the pattern of my online writing has become evident over the last six months: less blogging, and yet just as much writing. What’s happened is my use of Twitter to alert people to articles online about which I usually feel constrained to comment briefly. Those Tweets then get posted to my Facebook pages–not just my own social page (which is limited to people I’ve actually met) but also my “author’s” page (or whatever one calls it). In fact, due to an early screw-up that I don’t know how to fix, I seem to have two of the latter. (An anonymous fan started one for me before I knew what they were, and I don’t know how to drop it: The difference is a single comma, as in “John G. Stackhouse, Jr.” versus “John G. Stackhouse Jr.”)

Anyhow, these tweets posted on Facebook then tend to prompt people to comment. And then I need to make myself more clear, or defend my incendiary provocation, or (on rare, rare occasions) walk back something I shouldn’t have said…. 😉

I find myself therefore writing hundreds of words every week–but on Facebook, not my blog.

So if you’re interested in such exchanges, do connect with me on Facebook–or Twitter (@jgsphd)–and let’s talk there as well!


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