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Get the access you need to the posts, podcasts, minicourses,
webinars, interviews, and other resources we're creating
to help you think better and maximize shalom everywhere you can. 

In addition to all our regular material, members get access to the following resources


New Mini-Courses

Analysis and critical evaluation of crucial issues—with practical implications for your life and work made accessible in regular posts

Live Webinars

Interactive learning offered on a bi-monthly basis with opportunity to share your own ideas, ask your particular questions, and get advice on your urgent challenges

+ Bonuses 

  • Personal coaching in private consultations

  • Group conversations aimed at specific challenges in particular professions



A library of previously published mini-courses across a wide range of subjects


Recorded one-hour teachings offering context and clarity with practical take-aways in conversation with other highly motivated participants

Expert Interviews 

Interviews of fascinating friends from around the world, available in HD video streaming + audio downloads

 Thoughtful questioners, problem solvers,

decision makers, and earnest disciples—

 If you’re looking for both realism and hope in your mission,
you’re in the right place.

ThinkBetter Media is a
reader-supported publication

No ads and no sponsors, just resources to help you think, live & lead better.
To get access and support our work, become a Companion or Sustainer Member 
  • Sustainers Monthly

    Every month
    Access our entire online library + live events
     14 day free trial
    • Access live mini-course
    • Access entire mini-course archive
    • Live Webinars
    • Recorded webinars library
    • Members-only benefits, updates and current-events commentary
  • Companions Monthly

    Every month
    Exclusive apologetics, theology, epistemology, and ethics
     14 day free trial
    • Current Mini Course
    • Entire Mini Course Library
    • Members-only benefits, updates and current-events commentary
  • Best Value

    Sustainers Annual

    Every year
    Pay Annually and Save 12% on Sustainer Membership + One-on-one consulting session with the Prof
    • Current mini-course
    • Entire mini-course archive
    • Live webinars
    • Recorded webinars archive
    • Members-only benefits, updates and current-events commentary
    • Save 12% on Sustainers Membership
    • One-on-one session with Professor Stackhouse
  • Companions Annual

    Every year
    Pay annually and save 12% on Companion Membership
    • Current Mini Course
    • Entire Mini Course Archive
    • Members-only updates, news & commentary on current events
    • 12% saving on the Companion Plan
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