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You Can Tell What's in a Cup…

…when it is upset.

“Australia’s Next Top Model” contest ended in a horrible mistake. Host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong woman, who proceeded through her acceptance speech at some length until Murdoch, clearly being spoken to via her earpiece, ruefully admits the error.

What happens next is what matters most. Model Kelsey Martinovich, now stripped of the crown she wore for less than two minutes, turns immediately to the embarrassed Murdoch and comforts her.

She doesn’t stand there stricken.

She doesn’t start to cry.

She doesn’t curse the host or the producers or the show or God.

She sees a fellow human being in distress and cares for her.

In a society that seems preoccupied with gaffes and scandal, a moment, please, to celebrate decency and goodness wherever we see it.


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