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The Beatitudes by Way of Deuteronomy

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Scholars of the Bible recognize the pattern of blessing + cursing in the Book of Deuteronomy.

As Jesus gave his Beatitudes, I wonder if it wouldn’t be helpful (following a hint from Prof. Douglas Moo of Wheaton College in his fine commentary on James 2:13) to reverse them likewise:

Cursed are those full of themselves, for they make no room for God to give to them, and thus they will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Cursed are those who rejoice now, for they have now all they will ever have.

Cursed are the arrogant, for they will amount to nothing.

Cursed are those who ignore righteousness and desire something—anything—else, for they will long forever.

Cursed are the unmerciful, for they will receive only judgment.

Cursed are the double-minded, for they will never see God.

Cursed are those who cause strife, for they will be called children of the Opposer.

Cursed are those who are blessed for wickedness’s sake, for they prove their citizenship in the kingdom of darkness and death.

Cursed are those who are praised and rewarded by the world, for so have worldlings always been praised and rewarded—by the world…


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