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Salvation Theology Mini Course by Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

Salvation Theology 102: How does it work?


After this mini-course, you will have insight into: -sins, sin, and immaturity, the three interconnected problems that keep us from enjoying shalom in the present age; -the manifold of God’s salvation economy—that is, the many elements of God’s complete plan of salvation—and; -what we must do to enjoy and actualize all that God intends for us and our world. This theme may not seem initially to be as topical, timely, or simply titillating as many others. But it is, or should be, the theme of pretty much every sermon, every Sunday. And too many well-meaning preachers, teachers, parents, and others are teaching a misshapen version of Christian doctrine, a version that will confuse the devout believer and drive away the thoughtful inquirer. Salvation is a big topic. Arguably, it is The Big Topic, the central theme of the Bible as it is the fundamental issue of human existence. We human beings are in mortal peril and we are manifestly unable to escape that danger on our own. We need help. We need salvation. That is our most basic condition Get into this Mini-Course that outlines the fascinatingly complex economy by which the great God deigns to rescue, renew, rehabilitate, and prepare us for the life to come, and get better at the good news. *Note: The Salvation Theology 101 Mini-course offers an introduction and comparison to the main options in Christian theology regarding the salvation process such as 3 Views on Original Sin and Human Capacity; beliefs about heaven, hell and purgatory; and more.





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