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Evangelical Landscapes

Evangelical Landscapes

Evangelical Landscapes: Facing Critical Issues of the Day
Ebook, Paperback

Punchy, but with scholarly force behind the blows, these essay collections answer questions ranging from “Why Johnny Can’t Produce Christian Scholarship” to why everyone wants your opinion except church leaders.

Randall Balmer, Dartmouth College

“These remarkable essays cover a spectrum of issues facing evangelicalism in North America. John Stackhouse is thoughtful and engaging, at times cranky, but always provocative.”

Religious Studies Review

"Accessible to the student or layperson, but provocative enough to stimulate the scholar as well. Stackhouse achieves his goal of informing and persuading."


"Puts on a wonderful display of theological journalism and punditry, writing in the tradition of an earlier generation of intellectuals who used their voices to lend a critical, clarifying, and unifying touch to the bumptious world of American evangelicalism."

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