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Evangelical Futures

Evangelical Futures

Evangelical Futures: A Conversation on Theological Method

All the contributors to this project agree that evangelical theology needs to attend to dimensions of its task beyond the question of the nature and interpretation of the Bible. "We hope that these essays will be worthwhile in both affirming our evangelical common ground as a distinctive tradition in contemporary theology and provoking us all to develop that tradition more carefully and creatively to meet the needs of our time."

Contributors include Kevin Vanhoozer, Alister McGrath, and Stanley Grenz

J. I. Packer, Regent College

"This collection surely shows that evangelical theology enters the new millennium alive and well and raring to go on a number of fronts."

James Lee Bartlett, University of Jos, in The Journal of Church and State

"John G. Stackhouse, Jr. brings impeccable credentials to the task of assessing the future of evangelicalism. Since receiving his doctorate at the University of Chicago, he has rocketed to prominence in evangelical circles. . . . This dialogue concerning methodology seeks to be broader than the preoccupation with the nature and interpretation of the Bible."

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