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  for the Real World

Resources to help thoughtful disciples navigate crucial challenges
in contemporary culture and . . .
make things better.

Leadership & Discipleship Resources

For better Church life

on Sunday mornings—

and all the rest of the time, too 

Think (much) better about contemporary issues

We provide resources that are informed by Scripture, theological and philosophical reflection, and the most pertinent deliverances of the social sciences

Walk your faith  authentically 

"Trust and obey": We extend our analyses into positive and specific actionables for following Jesus loyally and effectively in both public and private life

Make the best

difference you can

We live in Christian hope and also in Christian realism. In this time between the first and second advents of our Lord, we strive to maximize shalom

John Stackhouse is extraordinarily gifted at making important, and even esoteric, developments in philosophy and theology accessible to the general public.

His insights are penetrating and, often, surprising.

And as a theological critic of trends in contemporary society, he has no peer.
Endorsement for John G. Stackhouse Jr.

—Nicholas Wolterstorff,

Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology,

Yale University

Who Is ThinkBetter Media for?

Individuals who want to

  • think responsibly and thoroughly about crucial subjects in modern life, 

  • live your faith with authenticity and effectiveness, and

  • commend and defend the gospel today with the right balance of courtesy, gentleness, clarity, and persuasiveness.

Leaders who want to 

  • navigate contemporary issues by Scripture, theology, tradition, and the most pertinent social sciences,

  • lead in a historically and sociologically grounded way with productive solutions tailored for your particular challenges,

  • help others think responsibly and live faithfully, and

  • speak out with confidence, kindness, and power. 

Praise From our Readers

"You've given me much greater confidence! Thank you. I am encouraging others to join. Indeed, I told the current moderator of the Church of Scotland about ThinkBetter Media last night."

United Kingdom

“TBM is really helpful in both teaching students about the world they inhabit while showing them a concise, accessible model of scholarly thought. Such good and needed work—thank you!”

United States

"I’ve been blessed by your erudite, Biblically informed, and gracious contributions to apologetics. ThinkBetter Media offers a fresh, culturally informed, and humble witness."


Christian ethics grounded in front-line scholarship,
Biblical exegesis, and prayerful reflection

Our resources draw together information and patterns from several disciplines:

Cultural, Social, Intellectual & Ecclesiastical History

Philosophy of Knowledge & Philosophy of Religion 

Sociology of Religion

Historical & Constructive Theology 


Religious Studies

Biblical Studies

Blessed are the shalom-makers

God calls us to make shalom. Shalom is flourishing, maturation, the realization of potential.


God put human beings in charge of the creation in Genesis 1. And our primary vocation is to take what God gives us to produce new and better, while guarding and maintaining the best of what has been. We can’t expect everything we attempt to turn out properly, but we do the best we can to maximize shalom.


Christians, furthermore, are called by our Lord Jesus to make disciples (Matthew 28). So whenever we can, however we can, Christians endeavour to grow up into maturity, to help each other grow up into maturity, and to welcome new friends to join us in growing up into maturity.


ThinkBetter Media offers resources to help serious Christians maximize shalom in every situation. We hope you’ll join us.

Welcome to shalom-making
through thinking better 

Individual Mini-Courses

starting at


We break down complex subjects into specific, concrete, and practical content.

If you have only half an hour—or even just 10 minutes some weeks!— you can still think better. 

Individual Webinars

starting at


Webinars help you better understand contemporary culture, follow Christ,
and make shalom. And they offer practical take-aways in conversation with other highly motivated participants.

 Membership Subscription Plans

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Get all the access you need to the posts, podcasts, mini-courses, webinars, interviews, and other resources we're creating to help you think better and maximize shalom everywhere you can. 

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