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Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr.


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Dr. Stackhouse is an award-winning teacher, scholar, author, and speaker. He is an expert in the history of North American Christianity, the philosophy of religion, epistemology, systematic and historical theology, apologetics, and ethics.


His work has been featured by major news media—from The New York Times to the Times Literary Supplement to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation—and he has addressed university audiences from Harvard to Hong Kong. He has also spoken to physicians in Vancouver, lawyers in Aspen, CEOs in Seoul, and religious leaders in Jerusalem.

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John Stackhouse is a lifelong Christian who has both studied the Church professionally and belonged to churches across a wide range of traditions.


From consulting with denominational leaders to welcoming clients of an urban food bank, and from teaching pastors to playing in worship bands, Dr. Stackhouse has seen the Church at work and wants it to flourish.


John Stackhouse's calling is to connect the Church with the academy, the Church with the world, and (above all) the Church with our Lord in fruitful discipleship. Please consider joining us as we do our utmost to maximize shalom everywhere, at every moment.  

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