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Why You're Here

Why You're Here

Why You’re Here: Ethics for the Real World (Oxford University Press)
Ebook, Paperback

What are Christians to be and to do in the world? What does faithfulness look like in these complex and confusing times? Christians are often told either to take over the world in God's name or to withdraw into faithful sanctuaries of counter-cultural witness.

John Stackhouse offers a concise, vivid, and practical alternative based on the teachings of Scripture about the meaning of human life in this world and the next. Why You're Here provides an accessible, concrete program for the faithful Christian living in today's world, fraught as it is with ambiguity, irony, and frequent choices among unpalatable options. Stackhouse speaks directly to everyday Christians who are searching for straightforward advice on some of their most complex quandaries about the challenges inherent in staying true to the Bible's teachings.

Politicians, medical professionals, businesspeople, professors, lawyers, pastors, students, and anyone else concerned to think realistically and hopefully about Christian engagement in society today will find here a framework to both guide and inspire them in everyday life.

This book simplifies, rearranges, and adds new material to Part III of “Making the Best of It,” so as to be a more user-friendly guide to John Stackhouse’s ethics. If you’re trying to avoid the two prominent options of “taking it over for Jesus” or “withdrawing into safe enclaves” and want to engage our world faithfully, effectively, and realistically, this is for you.

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale University

“Single-minded but not simple-minded, Stackhouse recognizes the complexities of answering one’s call in the real world. Yet he never allows the reader to lose sight of the signposts: shalom and salvation. Lucid, wise, and passionate.”

David Gushee, The Christian Century

"John Stackhouse is one of North America's most significant evangelical theologians. An erudite, witty, and ambitious scholar who has written over a dozen books in a career spanning three decades, he should be better known on the U.S. side of the border The book is chock-full of wise apothegms and
keen observations."

Bonnie Pruett Wurzbacher, Chief Resource Development Officer of World Vision International

"Stackhouse gently and astutely reminds us that Christian ethics are not simply about what's right or wrong, but rather what it truly means to be Christian in this world. He inspires us to understand that we can love God, our neighbor and ourselves, simultaneously, as we follow our life's calling—not only in our work, but in everything we do. I couldn't put it down, definitely a 'must read'!"

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