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Partners In Christ

Partners In Christ

Partners In Christ: A Conservative Case for Egalitarianism
Paperback, Ebook

If you have wanted to endorse the full equality of women alongside men in home, church, and society, and yet you haven’t been able to square that with what the Bible seems to say, this book is for you. It’s also for those who are already convinced and who want to be able to offer the most persuasive case possible to those who yet see things differently.

Stackhouse uses Partners in Christ to address
• what a theological argument that goes beyond hermeneutics could look like;
• how to take both sides of the argument seriously;
• what role eschatology plays in the gender role debate;
• where narrative fits into the gender role discussion;
• how to make sense of past patriarchal structures; and
• how the gender role debate differs from the homosexuality debate

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Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary

"John Stackhouse's Partners in Christ may be the most honest book ever written in the complementarian-egalitarian debate; it is without doubt the fairest book on the topic I've seen."

Richard Bauckham, University of Cambridge

“Unlike many writers on both sides of this debate, Stackhouse offers a hermeneutical approach that recognizes the diversity of Scripture and accounts for it…. This distinctive contribution will be like viewing a familiar landscape from a new vantage point."

Beth Felker Jones, Wheaton College

"Stackhouse continues to challenge oversimplification in Christian conversation about gender, and he offers a model for real partnership in Christ."

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