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Southwestern Seminary, Paige Patterson, and Christian Speech

I have taken down the two posts I had on this blog about Southwestern Seminary and its president, Paige Patterson. I have done so not because my opinions have changed, but because it has become apparent to me that my way of voicing those opinions has distressed some people I do not want to distress. Furthermore, I have become less and less sure in my own mind that the sarcasm I used in those posts was edifying for anyone involved.

These kinds of issues make me sad and angry, and I often don’t observe the apostolic injunction to “speak the truth in love” when I am sad or angry. I’m not confident that these posts met the apostle’s test, so I have yanked them. And I apologize to those who were offended by their tone, which was intended to amuse and, yes, provoke, but not to seriously offend–not even Brother Patterson himself.

One more thing: I am glad to say no one at Southwestern or at Regent has asked me to do this. I have removed these posts on my own initiative and according to my own conscience. There frankly is far too much wounding speech around these gender discussions and I regret adding in any way to it.


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