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So: Basically, a Free Book

The nice statistics program on WordPress, the platform (and I highly recommend it) for this weblog, tells me that this is the 401st blog post. That means that I have written the equivalent of a pretty big book here over the least few years.

For no pay whatsoever.

Nor the slightest career advancement.

Not even the thrill of cheap, transient fame through massive viral exposure to a huge international readership otherwise unavailable to me.

No, my one or two posts a week go out to about 6000 visitors a month. And these visitors, like you, mostly lurk, pay nothing (did I mention that?), occasionally contribute a thoughtful comment after a post they particularly like or disagree with, and once in a while send me a private e-mail of encouragement.

But you know what?

That’s fine by me. I like writing for you.

So thanks, truly, for reading. If you can summon up the interest, send a link to a friend or two, or speak up from time to time on the comments, or even just tweet in the “Opine” section of the website. I write for you, so write back once in a while and I’ll be satisfied.

Not rich, or famous, or dizzy with excitement, clearly. But satisfied.

And that’s all we Anglo-Canadians aim at, anyhow.


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