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Richard Mouw on Abraham Kuyper

There’s an excellent new book out from my friend Richard Mouw, philosopher and president of Fuller Theological Seminary in California: Abraham Kuyper: A Short and Personal Introduction (Eerdmans). Alongside recommendations from the likes of Jamie Smith of Calvin College and John Bowlin of Princeton Sem is this from your servant:

“Richard Mouw’s book does just what it is supposed to do: stimulate our thinking on subjects of consequence, quicken our interst in a mind many of us ought to know better, and improve already great concepts into ideas even better suited to our circumstances. That’s a lot to accomplish in a small book–of which genre Mouw must now be acknowledged a master.”

If you haven’t encountered Kuyper before, get this book. And if you have encountered Kuyper and not his theological sidekick Herman Bavinck, read this book for tasty hints of how useful Bavinck can be to us today as well.


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