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Heaven, Hell, and Everything In Between

We have just added a new course to our summer offerings on “Heaven, Hell, and Everything In Between.” And I’ll be teaching it.

Here are some questions to which I’ll be responding that week:

• Why is nobody going to heaven? Where should we hope to go instead?

• What is hell, really, and how can it be squared with belief in a good God?

• Is hell forever? What does “forever” mean?

• Is there a Devil? Does he rule over hell, or is he headed there?

• Does someone have to hear about Jesus to be saved by Jesus?

• Why could a Protestant take purgatory as a serious possibility?

• Why would anyone believe in limbo? If it makes sense, why is it not taught as official Catholic doctrine?

• Are my departed loved ones looking down on me from heaven? If not, where are they, and what are they doing?

• Does hell have a back door? Will everyone eventually be saved? If not, why not?

• When Jesus told the repentant thief, “Today you will be with me in Paradise,” what did Jesus mean?

• When Jesus returns, are we going up? Then keep going up? Or then down? Or what?

One week. All The Answers. (!) How can you not come? So do: June 30 – July 4. Check it out HERE.


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