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"Expelled" and Intelligent Design: Help, Please

I’ve been given comp tix to see “Expelled” in a couple of days, just before it opens here in Canada. How can I not? Several of the Big Credits guys (one of the producers, one of the screenwriters, and the postproduction supervisor) are Regent College graduates whom I have taught and whom I both like and respect.

For a discussion that is supposed to be confined to facts and rationality, there sure has been an awful lot of confusion, accusation, and fabrication surrounding this movie and the Intelligent Design movement it represents. That’s hardly surprising, I suppose, since the theory of evolution has been linked with all kinds of other concerns in western culture not long after the first edition of The Origin of Species was published in 1859, from social engineering to sexual mores, from eugenics to freedom of speech, from religious orthodoxy to, well, scientific orthodoxy.

So I’m going to ask you for help. What’s the best stuff you’ve read, online or otherwise, on “Expelled: The Movie” or on the Intelligent Design movement it represents? Don’t upload whole bibliographies, please! But give us one or two (or three) of the most helpful links or references. And these can be critical items, too: I want to read the finest writing I can find on the subject.


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