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Best Hallowe'en Costumes Ever?

We take a brief break from our usual seriousness to ask this timely, topical question: What’s the best Hallowe’en costume you’ve ever worn?

Define “best” any way you want (most witty; most hideous; most likely to get you a kiss by the evening’s end; most spiritual). And, if you simply must, you can describe someone else’s instead. But special kudos if it’s your own you describe.


We went to a theme costume party to which we were to come as a famous hero or heroine. I was deep in my Ph.D. program in those days (always risky to ask such people to any party) and so, in a complete break from my normal pattern (see above re being in deep in my Ph.D. program), I put on blue body paint, found some ersatz Oriental stuff to wear (take that, Edward Said!), and completely baffled everyone at the party.

“Am I blue?” I would sing the old jazz standard, and that helped no one guess my identity.

“I’m Krishna!” I finally announced, and sulked the rest of the evening. But it was a cool costume, I (alone) thought.

And you?


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