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Church Today I: How Did We Get Here?


I used to think those old people were crazy. And not in a cute way, but in a cantankerous, paranoid way. “It’s getting worse,” they would mutter. “I remember when—“ and off they’d go to “recall” the sober and pious Christian Canada of their youth. Well, I can recall a significantly more sober and pious Christian Canada in my youth. And I’m pretty sure I’m not crazy or paranoid, even if I admit to being cantankerous. Much in Canadian life today is indeed better—more just, more fair, more compassionate—than it was even a few decades ago. For this, Christians should rejoice. But much is definitely worse. And deformational pressure on Christians and Christian congregations has increased to the point that many, many churches are barely alive. Few thrive. This webinar offers a diagnosis, prognosis, and prescription for the condition of contemporary Canadian Christianity by tackling our three ThinkBetter questions in our intensive conversation: What’s going on? How did we get here? And what can we do about it? This presentation is beneficial to all, regardless of denominational affiliation or faith connection.





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